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Access to nature makes us happier and healthier

Humans depend on nature for food and energy, clean air and water — literally for our very survival. Nature also influences our health and well-being — the quality of our lives.

Our Mind

Being in nature reduces stress, improves mood, and enhances cognitive and social functioning.

Nature is good for mental health.

Our Body

Being in nature reduces blood pressure, muscle tension, and enhances the immune system.

Nature is good for physical wellness.

Our Spirit

Interacting with nature increases feelings of inspiration, connection, meaning, and balance.

Nature is good for the soul.

Our Community

Living near green spaces leads to increased social interactions and cohesion.

Nature connects us to each other.

Good for Earth. Good for You.

We work to improve access to nature and green spaces for everyone everywhere.

We advocate for the conversion of vacant and abandoned land in to public green spaces. 

Pocket Parks

Forested Woodlots

Urban Gardens

How Can You Help?


Follow Heron Center on social media and we will keep you informed about the benefits of nature and the work that we are doing to make it accessible to everyone everywhere.


Help us find vacant and abandoned lots that could function as a pocket park, urban garden, or forested woodlot. Then participate in the planning, design, development and maintenance of that space.


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